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Cold Harbour

Posted 13th May 2011 @ 9:21pm by Duncan McMillan

Cold Harbour by duncmc

Cold Harbour from duncmc via flickr.

The two piers converge to form the entrance to Whitby harbour. Colours cooled off a little in Photoshop to give cross-processed look. Shot from the church yard on top of East Cliff. The low tide reveals some great textures in the rocky apron below the cliff.

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Mussel Beach

Posted 8th May 2011 @ 9:09pm by Duncan McMillan

Mussel Beach by duncmc

Mussel Beach from duncmc via flickr.

Whitby south pier from the mussel-covered rock pools to the south.

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The Blue Boats Of Essaouira

Posted 11th January 2011 @ 9:58pm by Duncan McMillan

The Blue Boats Of Essaouira by duncmc

The Blue Boats Of Essaouira from duncmc via flickr.

Fishing boats in the extremely photogenic harbour at Essaouira on Morocco’s Atlantic coast.

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Posted 20th March 2010 @ 6:27pm by Duncan McMillan

Pierless by duncmc

Pierless from duncmc via flickr.

The fading remains of a fomer quayside or some similar mooring structure at Hessle Haven. The Humber Bridge stands aloof in the background.

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Posted 17th March 2010 @ 12:09am by Duncan McMillan

Ouarzazate by duncmc

Ouarzazate from duncmc via flickr.

The main square in Ouarzazate, central Morocco. The brooding skies soon opened. Overnight the torrential rain led to flash flooding, washing out bits of road for miles around.

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Posted 14th March 2010 @ 1:00am by Duncan McMillan

Tizi-n-Tichka by duncmc

Tizi-n-Tichka from duncmc via flickr.

En route from Marrakesh to Ouarzazate via the highest moutain pass in Morocco – the Tizi-n-Titchka pass through the High Atlas. The GPS clocked an altitude of 7322 feet at the highest point.

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We Dream Our Dreams Away

Posted 6th March 2010 @ 12:37am by Duncan McMillan

We Dream Our Dreams Away by duncmc

We Dream Our Dreams Away from duncmc via flickr.

The far distant end of the once grand courtyard in the Bahia Palace, Marrakesh.

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Plant On A Pedestal

Posted 1st March 2010 @ 10:39pm by Duncan McMillan

Plant On A Pedestal by duncmc

Plant On A Pedestal from duncmc via flickr.

Whoever picked the the colour scheme for the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh did it with conviction. No muted magnolia or white-with-a-hint-of-something here.

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Djemaa el Fna

Posted 28th February 2010 @ 9:54pm by Duncan McMillan

جامع الفناء by duncmc

جامع الفناء from duncmc via flickr.

The famous Djemaa el Fna (جامع الفناء in Arabic) in the old medina of Marrakesh. A constant stream of mopeds, taxis and bicycles weave in and and out of this bustling throng of tourists, locals, snake charmers, musicians, hawkers, street sellers and beggars.

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Neither Fowl Nor Folk

Posted 31st January 2010 @ 9:24pm by Duncan McMillan

Neither Fowl Nor Folk by duncmc

Neither Fowl Nor Folk from duncmc via flickr.

Bitterly cold at Blakeney on the north coast of Norfolk. The sea is probably a good mile away over the marshes.

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